A Venture Framework and Actionable Methodology for Corporate Business Development, June 16 & 17, Eindhoven, NL

In September 2008, the Bell Mason Group (BMG) organized, by invitation only, for the first time a seminar together with Philips, using its methodology for enterprise venture management. We had also two very successful sessions in October last year. This year again, The Bell Mason Group (BMG) and Philips will give the one-day seminar A Venture Framework and Actionable Methodology for Corporate Business Development, on June 16 as well as on June 17, 2010 in Eindhoven.

The seminar will be led by Heidi Mason, co-founder of The Bell-Mason Group and leading expert in venturing. She is also the co-author of The Venture Imperative: A New Model for Corporate Innovation. She will be assisted by Corina Kuiper, Senior Director New Business Development for Philips and Fellow of the Bell Mason Group.

Using the Bell Mason Framework, participants will learn how to improve the success of their new business development initiatives. The program is highly participatory, collaborative and interactive – referred to as ‘action learning’, using real cases, and therefore allowing the participants to walk in the shoes of early investors and core team members. Additionally, seminar attendees will gain Web access to a suite of BMG tools and templates.

In addition, there will be a Philips evening networking event on corporate venturing on June 16, 2010. During this the evening event two key speakers will present their view on the challenges, critical success factors and lessons learned in corporate business development, including real live examples.

If you are involved in the practice and management of corporate incubation, corporate venture investing, and/or new business development in new and adjacent markets to augment your existing product/service lines, this seminar and evening event is well suited for you.  Due to the highly dynamic nature of the seminars, there will be no more 24 participants in each class, so we encourage you to let is now soon whether you are interested in attending. The seminar fee will be €750,00. The participants of the seminars will also be invited to attend the evening event on June 16th without the additional charge of €250,00 .

More information can be found on http://bellmason.cisevents.hightechcampus.nl

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