Events November 2008

Seminar Open Innovation and Creativity in Management and Governance

On Friday 21 November 2008, University of Twente will organize a semi-academic symposium ‘Open Innovation and Creativity in Management and Governance’ with Prof. Henry Chesbrough and Mr. Charles Landry. It will take place in the Grolsch Veste.


Henry Chesbrough is a professor at the University of Berkeley’s Haas Business School (USA). He coined the term ‘Open Innovation’ and is seen as a leading authority in the field. Chesbrough has abandoned the traditional idea of innovation taking place entirely within the walls of a given organization. Innovation, he contends, can begin anywhere and is not restricted in its outreach.


Charles Landry is the founder and director of Comedia, a renowned British consultancy which advises cities throughout the world on culture and creativity as the catalysts for urban development. Landry is credited with coining the term ‘the Creative City’.


Between the two keynote presentations there will be two series of six parallel sessions, during which we shall highlight the faculty’s research as it relates to the symposium’s topic. These sessions will be moderated by senior faculty staff, assisted by noted alumni of the Faculty of Management and Governance who will describe the practical relevance of our research output.


Attendance at the symposium will cost €50, including a dinner buffet. The latest information about the programme, together with a registration form, can be found at:


Chief Innovation Officer Seminar

From 19-20 November 2008, the Chief Innovation Officer Seminar organized by BMGI wil take place in Munich, Germany. During this two day seminar David Silverstein (BMGI Founder & CEO and author of ‘Insourcing Innovation’) and Dr. Phil Samuel (BMGI VP/CIO and innovation thought leader) will share proven tools and metrics to systemise innovation and make it a structured, scalable process that delivers measurable results.

For more information:




The Fifth Masterclass Corporate Entrepreneurship and Open Innovation
From  November  24-28, 2008, the fifth European course on Corporate Entrepeneurship and Open Innovation will take place at Conference Hotel Willibrordhaeghe in Deurne in the Netherlands. This  course is organized by Ronald Wolf (Philips) and Wim Vanhaverbeke (Hasselt University). Keynote speakers are Henry Chesbrough (UC Berkeley) and Kenneth Morse (MIT).

Additional information can be found on the Corporate Entrepreneurship website at:

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