Open innovation: symbiotic network. Knowledge circulation and competencies for the benefit of innovation in the Horticulture delta

(W. Maijers, L. Vokurka, R. van Uffelen & P. Ravensbergen )

In recent years the Dutch glasshouse horticulture cluster has undergone major changes within the development fields: market, society and technology. Traditionally the cluster has been supported by a powerful triptych of research, information and education. The removal of this triptych in the early 90’s gave rise to the question of what is the most suitable knowledge & innovation network structure for innovation in the horticulture delta. This document contains proposals for the effective steering of knowledge development and for the opening up and transfer of this knowledge so that the horticulture delta can retain and further strengthen its worldwide renown. This document also looks at how the actors in the horticulture cluster can work with developers and translators of knowledge in order to realise this.



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