Remember me? I’m a Silly Valley Serial Entreprenerd Unicorpse. I like to leverage Start-Up Jargon.

Remember me? I’m a Silly Valley serial entreprenerd. I’m well-known for using startup jargon, which I learned from Forbes, Fortune and TechCrunch. Shall I share my story with you? Beware: this small piece of text contains 73 jargon words.

When I was 16 I launched my first B-to-B business. Some FFF helped me to leverage my first MVP and both an incubator and accelerator thought that monetizing the Business Model would disrupt existing markets using our bleeding edge technology and lead to ROI quickly. In the beginning the business was just ramen-profitable, but by pivoting our way through the first months, iterated the profit model to a B-to-C market, we created traction, penetrated new markets and gathered the low hanging fruit. Read more