Open Innovation cooperation strategies in Regional Innovation System

The paper tackles an interplay of two theoretical approaches
concerning innovation management understood as a collective process of at
least a few interacting entities. The first approach is anchored in management
and covers Chesbrough’s Open Innovation concept and its followers. The other
refers to regional science with focus on Regional Innovation Systems. Both
approaches use quite a similar toolkit to support their relevant objectives:
business models enhancement for OI and regional business dynamics for RIS.
Correlations and interactions between business involvement in RIS processes
and OI processes were scrutinized in Southern Poland, where 3 regions selected
ICT to be their technological specialization. 200 companies were interviewed
to find out whether territory plays a significant role in OI management.
Altogether the paper answers a question whether theoretically not so distant
concepts of OI and RSI co-exist in business routines of Polish companies.

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