Vodafone shares Headquarters with High-Tech Firestarters

On April 10th, Vodafone will open up part of their recently finished new regional headquarters in Amsterdam for high-tech potential. The first group of firestarters will derive from the cross-European competition Startupbootcamp. At maximum 10 teams will be approved for an acceleration phase in this brand new facility, offering them mentoring, financial support, expertise and tapping into a high-end brand name.


According to Patrick de Zeeuw and Ruud Hendriks, co-founders of Startupbootcamp Amsterdam – the local intitiative as part of the cross-European network – “Startup teams from all around the world have sent in their applications. We are now busy rating all the applications. Teams with high ratings will be invited to pitch live or on Skype the following weeks.” The team went through a serious selection process: in February all participators had to pitch through Skype and live meetings, resulting in 20 teams being invited to the finals in March. During those finals 20 teams presented their ideas and 10 of them were finally selected for the intensive acceleration programme. The companies who will start on April 10th are:


Open Innovation Platform

According to Startupbootcamp Amsterdam these companies will set off in a 6 month project providing them free office space, free housing in Amsterdam, €17000,- funding per team, a sponsor package worth over €75000,- including fiscal advise, marketing advise, software, server space, testing in the Vodafone Innovation Lab and business model advise and the possibility to tap into the experience and knowledge of over 300 mentors in Europe who attached themselves to the project.

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